feest.je launches at TheNextWeb conference

“This social networking service is set to change the way people go out, meet up and maintain friendships”

feest.je is a location based social network that brings people together around spots & events. Users can check in, earn rewards, discover new spots & events, party with friends and meet new people. On 28 April 2010 Feest.je will launch a public beta of the platform. Go to www.feest.je to register. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app for free from the iTunes AppStore. Users with an Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Palm can access the mobile web version at http://m.feest.je

feest.je is a mobile application. The first public version will be launched on Wednesday 28 April 2010 at The Next Web Conference (www.thenextweb.com) in Amsterdam.


feest.je connects the virtual with the physical

feest.je is a location-based social network. It connects the virtual world of setting up profiles, chatting and twittering with the actual world of going out, arranging to meet up and getting together. Simply check in to let your friends know where you’re hanging out. You can see where your friends are, where it’s likely to be most fun, and also the cafés, restaurants and events in the surrounding area. Aldert Geydanus, co-founder of feest.je: “We’re convinced that location-based social networks will change the way people go out, arrange to meet up and maintain friendships. It will make your social life easier, more transparent and more enjoyable.”


Database of 50,000 locations
feest.je is really easy to use. Once you have created a profile and imported your friends, your mobile phone will determine your location. A database of more than 50,000 venues throughout the Netherlands will show you what’s going on in the surrounding area. If your favourite hangout is not in the database, or if you’re throwing a party at home, it’s easy to add a location. If you don’t want other people to know where you are, simply don’t check in. The system works on the basis of your own activity.


Link with Hyves, Facebook and Twitter
You can put whatever you share on feest.je straight on Hyves, Facebook and Twitter. The fact that these networks can be linked to your location adds an extra dimension to the use of your mobile phone and your social networks. For example, let’s say you’re in Paradiso and you want to know if anyone you know is there. Or you’re spending a weekend at LowLands and you want to see where your friends have checked in. Or it’s Friday afternoon and time for a drink: simply check in, and your friends can see where your group is hanging out. You can also announce or organize an event or opening with feest.je. 


Game element
By checking in often you can earn points and medals. If you go somewhere more than anyone else, you will be crowned king or queen of that particular haunt. Those who enjoy that kind of thing can engage in a competition with their friends. By expanding your kingdom – or queendom – you show who you are. And this virtual competition may also be rewarded with physical prizes. For example, the queen of a particular location may be offered a glass of wine on the house. Olivier Wegloop: “Besides all of the functionalities it offers, above all Feest.je is a new form of self-expression. It appeals to the desire to establish your place in the group and to be recognised. In other words: You are where you go.”


An idea that works
Patrick de Laive (The Next Web): “Location-based social networks are the future. There’s no doubt about it. It’s clear that many people are already migrating from their computer to their mobile phone. Mobile phones have GPS, Google Maps, cameras and much more. Feest.je connects all of these functions and turns them all back into a simple and innovative way of communicating with the people in your network. Above all it’s enjoyable, but it also adds something substantial.” And De Laive is clearly not the only one to think so. At the beginning of April of this year Yahoo made a takeover bid of $ 100 million for the American location-based social network Foursquare. The bid was rejected. Foursquare is the American social networking service that served as the inspiration for feest.je. 


According to De Laive location-based networks have to be local: “The great thing about feest.je is that your local pub is in the database, and it’s really all about what’s going on within a radius of a few hundred metres of where you are. This is very different from a site such as Facebook, which derives its rationale largely from the fact that it eliminates distance. I believe that the local aspect is essential. You want to be able to quickly respond to local developments and to the initiatives of local entrepreneurs.”


On 28 April 2010 feest.je will launch a public beta of the platform and is free for users. Go to www.feest.je to register. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app from the iTunes AppStore. Users with an Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Palm can access the mobile web version at http://m.feest.je. 



----------------------------------Editorial notes-------------------------------------

In dutch, 'feestje' means party. There's a saying in Dutch that 'life is a party'.
This is the mission and focus we want to incorporate in our service.

feest.je is a service of Feest.je BV i.o.
More information? Check out the website at www.feest.je


Download a presskit at http://assets.feest.je/downloads/perskit.zip
For questions please contact Aldert Greydanus of Patrick de Laive.

Aldert Greydanus
06 - 27 590 365

Patrick de Laive
06 - 42004200

"Life is a party" Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Over feestje

feest.je is een mobiel sociaal netwerk waarbij je kan zien waar je vrienden uithangen en waarmee je leuke spots of feesten bij jou in de buurt kan ontdekken. Hiermee verrijkt feest.je de al bestaande sociale netwerken zoals Facebook, Hyves en Twitter.

feest.je is gestart door Innovatio, The Next Web incubator en Boomerang Media en heeft kantoren in Groningen en Amsterdam.